P90 Waste to Energy & Carbon Reduction

P90 - Waste to Energy

How Waste to Energy Cleantech works: during the process of pyrolysis (thermal decomposition of the elements in the waste and gasses), there are three main by-products derived depending on feedstock.

  • Reactor waste heat can be converted to consumable heat and electrical energy. 

  • Standardized sizes and custom-built for the clients' application.

  • Strong return on investment, through potential power-heat generation.

  • Reactors can cleanly dispose of oil-field, landfill, organic, construction, mining, industrial, factory waste and many other waste feedstocks and create a valuable, marketable product.

Carbon Dioxide & VOC Reduction (UR1)

How UR1 Cleantech works: utilizing a process found in nature, refined and amplified by science, P90 CDR equipment extracts CO2, SO2, NOx. (typically 60%-94% dependant on flue gas contents and type)


The UR1 patented innovative process separates industrial gasses in the exhaust discharge of carbon-producing power plants, flare gases, ICE engine exhaust fumes.


UR1-CDR equipment separates CO2 (carbon dioxide) into carbon and oxygen. SO2 into sulphur and oxygen, NOx into nitrogen and oxygen. The separated elements can be processed and stored in various (nano or containerized) forms and then can be further processed by industries in manufacturing, fertilizing and many other applications.

  • Coal, flare, diesel, gasoline, waste fuel, food waste, commercial and natural wood products and many other waste products can benefit from the extraction process and create a valuable, marketable industrial product.

  • Standardized units and custom-built for the clients' application.

  • A strong return on investment, through large, measurable carbon reduction during the extraction process.

  • Extracted CO2, SO2, NOx can be harvested for multiple commercial and industrial uses to generate further revenue.


A dedicated team of technicians, installation and operational crews are ready for deployment. Standardized and customized systems are available and designed to client requirements and carbon reduction targets.