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P90 Energy Alliance Main Contacts:

Danton Moorhead - P90 Director

306 500 0334

Manufacturing-Installation, R&D, Construction Management, Site Design, Sales.

Box 611 Stoughton Sk. S0G 4T0

Dwayne Snider - P90 Director

306 591 2243

System-Site Design, R&D, Sales, Client Proposals.

Box 490 White City-Emerald Park Sk. S4L 5B1


Jason Edwards - P90 Director

306 861 3228

Business Development, R&D, Site Designs, Sales.

Sebastian Huriet - P90 Director

306 461 4335

Electrical Division Lead, System Design, Installations.

Brendan Donald - P90 Lead Energy Advisor

306 921 6050

Site Design, Sales, Client Proposals