About Us

In the spirit of raising the bar and further expanding energy diversification and carbon reduction requirements, we combined our expertise. We manufacture and install cost-effective quality equipment and provide timely delivery of energy systems to our clients.

P90 Energy Alliance members design and are direct employers (of our team 65+ field staff and 15+ front-end support persons). Each member of our team is directly responsible for the success of a project. We are experienced, professional and reliable, with decades of experience in manufacturing, solar installations, oil field construction, renewable energy construction-system design, geo-exchange, electrical construction & controls, Cogeneration (CHP), and HVAC. 


To date, our combined efforts have led to many megawatts of installed solar systems, a multitude of complex oil field efficiency installations, emission reduction monitoring and hundreds of other related energy production, conservation and carbon reduction projects.


Our P90 Alliance represents made-in-Saskatchewan ingenuity, which can help solve many of today's global energy and carbon reduction issues. Living and working in Western Canada we understand our diverse energy supplies and needs, our seasonal climate and the equipment durability required. We are well-positioned to exceed our clients' requirements.  

Business Values

Core business values for our team were set in place long before the P90 Energy Alliance was formed. Trust, integrity, respect for employees, partners and clients guide everything we do. CanREA is the voice of the renewable energy sectors in Canada. The Code of Conduct is part of our daily business practices. 


The Preferred Energy Inc. corporate video demonstrates the need for diversification and partners who bring quality, integrity & reliability to clients. As the architects of the P90 Solar Systems, our logo represents the four founding businesses-directors of the P90 Energy Alliance.

work safely.jpg

Safety is paramount. Specializing in stainless and carbon welding we meet our clients' needs while adhering to SMAW, GMAW, CWB, CORE certified guidelines as well as other certifications. Journeymen electrical team, roofing specialists and other professionals ensure safety is practiced.


We understand the need for renewable energy and the importance of traditional energy.  We support all energy sectors and we advocate for diversification and efficient use of all energy sources. We feel this is the logical means to a sustainable energy future.